Reflection of Mineral by Atelier Tekuto

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The team at Atelier Tekuto has designed a home from a dissection of a white volume. Located near the center ofTokyo, the complex architectural dwelling, although intricate in its angular play, has a serene and simple nature to it. The house exterior is stretched over a sea of unique planes in white finish. Utilizing elimination as part of the creative process, Atelier Tekuto pondered on the keywords of 'minerals' and 'reflection' to focus the dissection as a positive influence to the project. The dwelling's abstract form capitalizes on the idea that there is not one space alike, therefore strengthening the narrative to the natural minerals.

The polyhedron gives the home a new facade from every angle you look at it. This reflection allows for external and internal diversity as one travels through the space. The project is theoretically provoking but do we want our homes to feel diverse and ever changing or do we need that constant reinforcement that allow us to feel comfortable and safe? Although many questions to the vernacular experience come to mind I cannot dwindle the thought and articulation that the space and its three lighting facets - transparent, translucent and opaque - weave and change the internal experience remarkably.

Within selected surfaces of the exterior facade, the interior space is exposed through windows and openings that take the shape of the dynamic exterior skin in which they are placed. The form is white in color, allowing us to see the sharp folds and steep angles created to build the extreme dimensions. The house stands out as an energetic, a stark contrast to the surrounding architecture; the form created makes you reflect and wonder how the exterior influences the interior.

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