Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s Home in L.A.

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I sometimes wonder what it’s like to be a star, to have all eyes on you, with very little private life left and all the details in your life and house made public. I also wondered what a rock star home looks like. And I found the answer to my latter question when I saw the great pictures of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s home in L.A.

Sharon picked this house as the possibility to start over after the long and busy period of live shows and they also wanted to have some ocean views. So she bought the house and wanted to decorate it in a unique style. She wanted to show something of her romantic features, but also to combine them with the dark Goth style of her husband’s, the famous rock star that used to sing for Black Sabbath. My opinion is that she did a great job, choosing all the furniture and accessories carefully and combining them in the most fortunate manner.

You will be surprised to see the style adopted by the home’s designer, Martin Lawrence-Bullard, a dear friend of Sharon’s. The furniture and most of the design suggest a mid nineteenth century style , but this is combined with features of modern style, resulting in an impressive look. Because the house is pretty large you will see some unusual places like a foyer that is decorated remarkably with two chairs covered in white leather surrounding an ellegant round French coffee table with a bronze sculpture on.

There’s also an atrium that shows only a glimpse of Ozzy’s black days as a rock musician and it is all plastered in black Venetian wallpaper and has black furniture and a black wooden eagle. The living room is comfy and nice, being designed in a surprising combination of light blue and brown, with leather armchairs and a nice collection of Italian puppets and dolls.

The atmosphere is completed by the over sized floor lamp and clock and the welcoming brick fireplace in the middle. The bedroom is a symphony of velvet and the whole house shows good taste and refinement. So take a look at the pictures if you are as curious as I was about their home.

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