A Path in the Forest by Tetsuo Kondo Architects

5:44 PM Karlo Pahert 0 Comments

Have you ever lost your way in the forest? Or ever imagined such a situation? Rest assured: now you are out of the woods, at least in Estonia. Not only will you not lose your way in the wilderness; the unparalleled experience here will make you feel that you are on cloud nine. Tetsuo Kondo Architects have discovered that a walk on the terra firma isn’t enough to stimulate one’s awe of the forest, so they designed a winding, floating trail called “A Path in the Forest” for the Kadriorg Park in Tallinn, Estonia. Part of the LIFT11 festival that celebrates Tallinn’s status as the 2011 European Capital of Culture, the trail is 95 meters long and relies on the 300-year-old trees for its structural support.

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