Busan opera House

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Participation of Wahag studio in the international ideas competition to establish a design for the busan opera house to start to construct in 2014 (expected). The opera house will include a variety of facilities that will foster a wide range of artistic activities all the while being accessible to the city’s citizens. The grand scale of this project will be suitable for busan’s status as an international city.

The form consists of three major forms (the opera house, multipurpose hall, cafe & library zone), the three forms have the same profile line (cross section), but in different heights according to the activity of each area.

The three dancing birds making a ring space which is used as the outdoor plaza, and three main areas, as idea that people, culture and nature meet in one place that combine dancing, singing and performing.

Most of the walking areas are ramps to connect different levels considering an easy flow of people getting in and out, besides that considering handicaps in all circulation of the project.

The target is to merge the exterior with the interior, to make the visitor travel from the work world to the entertainment & culture world, form is combination of (3) buildings in one body surrounding the main plaza that mixes the spirit (the main hall) + the entertainment (multipurpose) + recreation (library & restaurant) in one place adding the city skyline view to the privacy to the place.

The project is a symbolic building on the sea front of busan, the idea is to make a building that attracts the eye and feel interested to visit it, as the white color in the morning is so recognized beside the surround skyscrapers , and the lights by night gives it a unique appearance on the sea front.


Location: Busan, South Korea
Type of Competition: Open International Competition
Site Area: 35,000 m2
Team work: Wahag Studio Team | http://www.wahagstudio.com/
Architect: M.Mansour Gebaly, Wael Hussein Mahmoud

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