Make Your Small Apartment Seem Bigger Instantly!

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The first thing to consider when decorating your small apartment is light. Both artificial and natural light will brighten up a room, making it look bigger. If open windows aren't enough, a ceiling light and plenty of lamps are just as good.

Another important aspect is color: think one light, monochromatic scheme, and get lighter as you go up. A darker floor with light walls and a lighter ceiling will make a room look taller and larger.
Lighter colors reflect more light and open up a room, as opposed to dark colors, especially a dark ceiling, which would close up a small space. If you love bright, bold colors, consider throwing some exciting pillows around the room.

Invest in Furniture
When it comes to furniture, you may be inclined to buy small pieces to fit in your small apartment, but it's actually more efficient to have just a few larger pieces. Choose one piece to be the focus of the room, such as a couch or table, and work the rest of the furniture around that.
Choose multitasking furniture. A chest that can be used for storage and as a coffee table is perfect for your small living room, because everyone knows that one of the things that a small apartment lacks is storage space. Another good place to store things is under the bed.
You don't need many end tables. Instead of table lamps and a phone table, choose floor lamps and mount your phone on the wall, freeing up all of that floor space.
Tables with glass tops serve the same purpose as those with opaque tops, but the transparency plays with your mind, making the space look more open.
Wall-mounting is also an option for shelving and storage. Instead of standing book shelves, install some high shelves on the walls, low enough so you can reach your books, but high enough that they don't close up your room. Use the same idea for your television; hang it exactly at eye level, instead of using a TV stand. Not only will you save space, the level makes for an ideal TV-watching experience. This technique works in every room of your house. Try it in your kitchen and bathroom, too.

As for accessorizing your space, too much clutter makes a small space look cramped and messy. Choose a few vertical pieces, such as plants and lamps, to brighten up corners. Mirrors are perfect small space accessories, since they create the illusion of more space.
Combine all of these simple decorating tips, and when you invite your friends over, they'll think that your apartment magically expanded!

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