New Eco Skyscraper in India

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The Eco Skyscraper would be a full fledged vertical community that makes use of renewable sources like the wind and sun for power.
The concept (to be erected in Noida, India) consists of two spiral shaped towers that have been connected using sky bridges. The self-sufficient construction will harness energy from the sun and wind. Enormous wind turbines will be erected on the walkways at the upper levels. The wind energy together with solar energy will bring down the carbon footprint and make the towers eco friendly. Apart from lending an eye-catching appeal, the spiral shape acts as vertical farms. Each rooftop terrace can be used to grow food. This will bring back the concept of growing fresh vegetables at home and will reduce the intake of chemicals by residents.

The structure will embrace the system of hydroponics. This ingenious system will convert humid air into water which will be fit for human consumption. Waste water will be recycled with the help of a living machine system. This will include real grass, plants, trees, fish, algae and a range of living creatures. Eco Skyscraper will be built with modular units. These units can be constructed in a resourceful and economical way. Once built, they can be easily pulled together at the site of construction.
Eco Skyscraper will unfurl space for a lot of activities. It will come with areas dedicated for commercial activities, dwellings and offices. The environmentally-friendly construction will reshape the way people work and live. It is a step ahead to provide a cleaner and greener abode that will save precious resources.

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